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How to clear browser history?

While surfing the internet your browser records all you do, each url address you typed in, every search you did in google or yahoo, every information you supplied when filling various forms which are required to log in and more. We often refer to this information as "browser history" and people often ask how to clear unwanted information from their browsers. As it name implies the browser history is related to particular browser only, so if you use multiple browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox you should clear the history for each of those browsers separately. Fortunately, clearing the history from internet browsers is straightforward and here we explained the necessary steps. Please note that internet browser history is just a portion of activity tracks that your computer saves on hard drive, if you want to get rid of all those tracks you should either regularly follow ALL the steps from the "How To" menu section, or better off use our free Clear History application. For even more power you can invest in one of recommended commercial software that will allow to clear all accumulated computer history in a timely manner and manu more options. Some of the better solutions are Privacy Eraser Pro, Shadow Professional and CyberScrub Privacy Suite.


To clear all browser history from your computer do the following :


    In Internet Explorer:


  • Go to the Tools menu
  • Select Internet Options
  • Go to the Content tab
  • Click on Auto Complete to open a settings window
  • Click on Clear Forms to delete search entries and Clear Passwords if you want to clear your saved passwords.
  • Go to General tab (first one)
  • Click on Delete Cookies, Delete Files and Clear History. Confirm each of those operations


    In Firefox:


  • Go to the Tools menu
  • Select Clear Private Data
  • Check everything in order to completely clean up your browser history, or exclude unwanted entries.
  • Click on Clear Private Data Now and your browser history is cleared.



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